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Anónimo asked: hey i was just wondering why you didn't post anything for like 6 months? i miss you on my dashboard, please come back :)

aw thank you, and sorry about that. It just that it was eating me alive lol I’ll try to come back.

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hclmes asked: I haven't seen this scene before (post/20809622336) is it from deleted scene or something? Thank you :)

Yes it is! (:

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Mango, 2OO9 Winter Campaign.

Mango, 2OO9 Fall Campaign.

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Anónimo asked: I'm so glad you made that Spider man post and caption 'You will always be Peter Paker. No one else' I was waiting for someone to post something like that.

aw Thank you so much! ♥

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Anónimo asked: do you know what trailer/tv spot has hawkeye saying "i got him"? (:

Yes, Japanese Trailer 2# [x]

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 I’ll die a warrior’s death! Stories will be told of this day!

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SNL 36X06 Episode Shoot